Who Are We and How We Got Started

The word “profit” has many definitions. Only one of them is monetary. SmartyPants was not conceived as a market strategy or a low hanging fruit or an MBA thesis. SmartyPants has always been about family, friendship and a core commitment to our collective well-being. At the outset, we saw opportunity. We saw an opportunity to help us all be a bit healthier, to help our fellow humans—be they employees, customers, partners, investors or grant recipients—and to have a lot of fun along the way. That way we all profit.

We know what your day is like: too many shoulds, woulds and could haves but didn’ts. Enough of the guilt and stress already! Enough of what we didn’t do. Let’s bring a little joy (and yum) back to being healthy. Together.

Courtney & Gordon
Co-Founders, Co-CEOs
SmartyPants Vitamins