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The Wall Street Journal covere...
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What the Experts Say

Dr. David Katz
We have the knowledge in hand to prevent fully 80% of all chronic disease, and enjoy far greater vitality. Getting there from here is now all about the ‘how,’ and I’m a supporter of all efforts to simplify that journey. I love that SmartyPants is all about making it easier for people to follow the expert advice they get about nutrients.

Dr. David L. Katz, MPH, FACPM, FACP

Founding Director of Yale University Prevention Research Center
Founder & Director of the Integrative Medicine Center
Editor-in-Chief of Childhood Obesity Journal
Senior Medical Advisor, SmartyPants Vitamins

dr. Mark Hyman
Committed to personal and global health, SmartyPants Vitamins supports every part of the wellness journey. Their delicious gummies make getting your supplements an easy, palatable, and eco-friendly experience!

Dr. Mark Hyman, MD

Family Physician
Four-time New York Times Bestselling Author
Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine

Ashley Koff, RD
What's every person's health dream? Whether you are a parent, a teen, an adult or a senior, you want optimal health AND what you don't want is for the pursuit of it to make you crazy! SmartyPants Vitamins complement a quality diet by providing a safety net of necessary nutrients all-in-one product. I approve these products for their quality and convenience.

Ashley Koff, RD

Author, celebrity dietician
Has been featured on GMA, Dr. Oz Show, New York Times, Huffington Post editor

Schuyler Grant
There's nothing like a well timed bribe with kids. One plate of spinach with their eggs for one 'chewy' in the morning, that's the way it's always rolled with my kids. I used to feel guilty that I was basically bribing my kids with a piece of candy, and then I found these awesome vitamins by SmartyPants, which don't have all the junk in them, and taste so good I sneak one for myself, spinach or no spinach… don't tell my kids…

Schuyler Grant

Co-creator, Wanderlust Festival
Founder & Director The Kula Yoga Project
Mother of 3

Customer Testimonials

Zem Joaquin, Founder of EcoFabulous
Zem Joaquin, Founder, EcoFabulous

The second my children tried SmartyPants they were hooked, but I thought that they were a little chi...

Graham Hill, Founder of Treehugger.com
Graham Hill, Founder of Treehugger.com

Tasty. Green. With all the critical stuff? Done!...

Lane Wood, Director of Social Innovation at Warby Parker
Lane Wood

Everyone has the same 24 hrs in a day, but sometimes it's just impossible to dedicate enough of them...

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What Experts Are Saying

  • ledewitz"SmartyPants, containing DHA and other essential nutrients, is an ideal supplement to a child’s diet. New research illustrates the importance of both DHA and Vitamin D for healthy brain development. As a pediatrician, I often hear parents concerns regarding their child’s nutrition and health. SmartyPants allows me the ability to recommend a healthy, natural, and great tasting vitamin."

    Dr. Ben Ledewitz, MD
    Asst Professor of Pediatrics,
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine
  • layliev"As parents dedicated to the development of our children, we are inclined to choose the best of everything for them and are thrilled with Smartypants multivitamins for our two energetic boys. As a dentist, any fear of SmartyPants causing cavities or weakening teeth is insignificant because the sugar content is very low and the consistency is non-sticky so they do not sit trapped on teeth ."

    Dr. Emanuel Layliev, DDS.
    New York Center for Cosmetic Dentistry
  • DrKramer"Good nutrition is key to a child's healthy brain development. As a pediatrician, I know how hard it is to get children to eat a well-balanced diet, especially for hard to get nutrients like Omega 3 DHA and Vitamin D that are key to healthy development. SmartyPants helps parents ensure their children are getting all the nutrients they need."

    Robert I. Kramer M.D.
    Department of Pediatrics (ret.)
    Baylor University Medical Center