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Core Values

What guides us here at SmartyPants.


You should know. You have a right to know what it is you are feeding yourself and those you care about most.

We have an obligation. We have a legal and moral responsibility to tell you exactly what our products contain, and to do our utmost to ensure that our products contain exactly what we tell you they do.

That is the front line of transparency for us as a company. We get it that a lot of companies are talking about transparency at the moment, and that’s a good thing. They should. People should demand that of the brands they give their trust to. In that spirit, we are going to do our best to furnish you with all the information we can, in a way that doesn’t require a PhD, about our process and our product. At the same time we are safeguarding, through careful attention and testing, that what goes out in the bottle is what we say it is, and that it is safe, pure and healthy.

We want you to hear what’s in our products, see where they come from, know why we put them there, and understand why we leave certain things out. Because we want you to question. We want you to know. And we believe that when you understand why we’ve made the choices that we have, we’ll have earned your trust.


“Excellence means when a man or woman asks of himself more than others do.”

Though the term is defined many other ways, this is the form of excellence that we at SmartyPants aspire to. A quality that does not seek to denigrate our peers but instead pushes them to be better by demanding something better of ourselves.

We do not want a world where we are in the minority; making eco-friendly, sustainable products, providing nutrient grants to those in need, choosing only the best ingredients for our customers. We make these choices because we believe they should be the norm, and we hope by setting that expectation for ourselves others might follow. We hope that by maintaining such standards, others will see that it can be done.

Our conflict, you see, is not with our competitors – it is with the status quo.
For us, excellence is not about who reaches the top first and holds it longest – it’s about who blazes the trail and makes it possible for the rest of us to find our way. This is the excellence we admire in others and the excellence we expect of ourselves.


In the popular imagination, “transformation” as a concept seems to have become limited to personal transformation – a change  from poor to wealthy, from miserable to happy. And while there is nothing necessarily wrong with these goals, they are not the types of transformation that SmartyPants is most concerned with.

“When we quit thinking primarily about ourselves and our own self-preservation, we undergo a truly heroic transformation of consciousness.”

– Joseph Campbell

We value the transformation of a person becoming less preoccupied with themselves and more interested in those around them. This is not to say that we believe people are generally selfish or that they should neglect themselves in favor of others. We believe the opposite – that when people are in poor health, their natural impulse to care for others becomes impaired. Pain – whether it’s chronic or fleeting, searing or dull, mild or wild – is infinitely distracting. The only way out is to tend to our own health so that we can then give quality attention to others.

Our mission at SmartyPants is to make it a heck of a lot easier for you to do both. Here’s how.

For every bottle of SmartyPants sold, we make a 1•for•1 nutrient grant to Vitamin Angels. With one act, you give yourself key nutrients helpful in reaching optimum health, and give the same to someone else. You get and you give. Each bottle is a little act of transformation – helping transform not only yourself into a healthy, happy person, but also into someone who can extend that same gift to countless others.

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