We created SmartyPants with our own children in mind, so you can be sure, we take safety and quality extremely seriously. The fish oil ingredient used in SmartyPants, MEG-3®,  is one of the most trusted sources of Omega-3 EPA/DHA available. Meg-3® fish oil is sourced from sustainable stocks of wild-caught small fish.

The final fish oil product that goes into SmartyPants undergoes numerous quality checks to make sure it’s safe, pure, and the highest possible quality. Vacuum-sealed bags protect our oil from oxidative degradation, while molecular distillation removes trace amounts of heavy metals, without the use of solvents. All of our products also comply with the regulatory limits set by the state of California – some of the strictest standards, worldwide, for toxins that cause birth defects or cancer. Each batch of our fish oil has always met, or fallen below, these rigorous limits. Made in North America, we still hold ourselves to these standards because we believe they are the best way to ensure the safety and quality of our product.


Posted on December 11, 2015