We’re not perfect. Nobody is. But we are working hard to get better every day.

We knew when we set out to make the Good Gummy that we were setting a high standard. So you know we are trying, we’ve decided to show you our report card. We don’t make straight “A’s” yet, but we’re studying hard. Check back here periodically to monitor our progress.

We've Graded Ourselves

Quality From Start to Finish

Where we are

From our cane sugar to our omega 3 fish oil, we are obsessed with making sure everything in our products is premium, pure, and ethically produced. We require certificates of authenticity for each and every ingredient in SmartyPants.

Our Next steps

We’re constantly trying to create a more excellent product. We won’t give ourselves an A because there might be a better ingredient or a better manufacturing process that we haven’t discovered… yet.


Quality Monitoring

Where we’re at

Both our manufacturer and an independent third-party lab tests each batch of finished product to make sure our labels are accurate. And before any new product hits the shelves, you can be sure it has been taste-tested and approved by each and every member of our SmartyPants team.

Our Next Steps

Maintain fierce regulatory vigilance by constantly scouring industry publications and attending conferences which keep us up-to-date on the latest compliance regulations.



Where we’re at

We keep meticulously detailed records of everything that goes into, onto, or around our gummies and chews – right down to the exact batch of B12. This way, we can be sure every batch delivers the same premium quality, every time.

Our Next Steps

Did you see the A+?


Product Stability

Where we’re at

We conduct stability testing on each new SmartyPants product, putting them through extreme conditions (like…110-degree heat extreme). This testing ensures that our nutrients stay potent until the day you pop your last gummy (tear).

Our next steps

Spoiler alert! We’re putting our brand new packaging up to stability testing, and we’re using our stability data to help extend the shelf life of all of our products (without any artificial help of course). 



Where we’re at

We are proud to say we have some of the most intelligent, experienced, smarty-pants science nerds in the industry helping us create our gummies.

Our next steps

Our team is constantly attending conferences, classes, and continuing education courses. We want to continue to share their vast gummy nutrition knowledge with our company as a whole, and, ultimately, the world, so one day everyone will love and RESPECT THE GUMMYTM.


How We Make the “Good Gummy”

Learn more about what goes on behind the scenes at SmartyPants, and how we’re making our gummy better.

Our Testing Process Certificate of Compliance