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Andrew Kmiec was born and raised in Northwest Indiana in the shadow of the Chicago skyline. He graduated from Ball State University with a bachelor’s degree in American Literature & Creative Writing. After working as a copywriter and content producer for a digital startup in Indiana, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in storytelling and film. Andrew worked in commercial production for several years and then became an assistant to two of Hollywood’s most talented directors. In December 2014, Andrew joined the SmartyPants marketing team eager to put his medley of unique skills to work at a company with a greater purpose and is excited to take the next step of his life’s journey with a gummy in his tummy. In addition to playing ice hockey his whole life, Andrew is an avid Chicago sports fan; he enjoys making and appreciating art, writing, reading, rock climbing, hiking, and exploring this little corner of the universe we call home.

How do you eat your gummies?

Favorite Outdoor Activity
Rock Climbing, Hockey (It’s outdoor in the Midwest!)

Dream vacation
A tour de Hemmingway across Spain, France and Italy

  • Prenatal Complete Lemon
    Favorite Gummy

    Prenatal Complete Lemon

  • SmartyPants Spirit Owl
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