• Non GMO

    We are very proud to say that SmartyPants Kids Complete purchased directly through SmartyPants is now 100% Non-GMO, as are all SmartyPants products found locally in Walgreens stores (check our Store Locator to find a Walgreens near you). In the coming weeks and months, we will completely transition all our products to Non-GMO. That means whether you are in Whole Foods, CVS/Pharmacy, Sprouts Markets, Vitamin Shoppe, or on,, or, you can soon be certain you are buying a 100% Non-GMO SmartyPants gummy. Just look for the Non-GMO callout on the label.

    If you'd like to be notified of when our Kids Fiber Complete, Adult Complete, and Adult Fiber Complete Non-GMO gummies will be available, please email us at

  • Manufactured in a GMP Facility

    All SmartyPants gummies are manufactured in a GMP-certified facility. Good manufacturing practices (GMPs) are guidelines developed by NSF-International and enforced by the FDA that ensure a product is consistently produced and controlled according to rigorous quality standards.

    GMP covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff. To be GMP Certified, a manufacturer must consistently follow detailed, written procedures at each step in the manufacturing process — every time a product is made.

  • Generally Recognized as Safe

    All ingredients in SmartyPants meet the FDAs GRAS standards. "GRAS" is an acronym for the phrase Generally Recognized As Safe. This means that each of our ingredients has been adequately shown by qualified experts to be safe under the conditions of its intended use.

  • SmartyPants is based in California, and all our gummies are produced there as well.

  • MEG-3

    MEG-3® fish oils exceed worldwide government regulations and guidelines for contaminants, offering pure, high-quality, odor and taste-free Omega-3 EPA/DHA.

    MEG-3® fish oils support a renewable, sustainable environment by sourcing fish from open-ocean Peruvian fisheries, which are among the world’s most tightly regulated. Fish oil processing waste is also turned into biofuel to operate the state-of-the-art fish oil plant in Mulgrave, Nova Scotia.

    Select MEG-3® fish oils are the world’s only to receive USP (United States Pharmacopeia) dietary supplement ingredient verification. USP verification is one of the highest standards for vitamin supplement ingredients.

    MEG-3® fish oils are molecularly distilled, exhaustively tested and conform to global quality and purity standards, including those established by the European Union, Health Canada, and the US FDA.

  • Certificate of Analysis

    SmartyPants receives a COA for each batch of gummies produced. A COA (Certificate of Analysis) is a document providing the specific results of testing a batch of material, verifying the actual ingredient levels of that batch. We use this analysis to formulate the Supplement Facts that appear on each of our bottles, ensuring that the nutrient levels written on the bottle matches the contents of each gummy.

    This means that every single gummy we produce has been tested for it's nutrient levels. What's on the label is in the bottle.

  • Eco friendly

    SmartyPants uses only eco-friendly small fish (anchovy and sardine) for our fish oil. Unlike larger fish like salmon and tuna, small fish are harvested in a sustainable way; ensuring production will not lead to extinctions or the collapse of ecosystems. Large fish harvesting is now threatening some species with extinction, and we want our company to be as planet friendly as it can be. SmartyPants is an excellent source of Omega 3s without adding to the serious problem of overfishing in our oceans. That way you can feel good about every gummy you and your children eat, just like we do.

See What's Inside Believes he stole candy from the pantry… Really just ate fish oil

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