We created SmartyPants for Adults gummy multivitamins + omega 3 fish oil + vitamin D3 for busy adults who want a tasty, easy, and trusted way to get a single daily dose of those nutrients that are hard to get from diet alone. We worked hard to make it easier for you to be healthy - the best quality, best tasting gummy vitamin made with natural, eco-friendly, and organic ingredients that also gives back. So try the adult gummy vitamins that Oprah Magazine called "the good for you gumdrop!"

Read more to learn why you might want to take natural vitamins and fish oil plus what makes SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins for Adults so unique.

Deciding to Take Multivitamins?

At a certain point many of us ask, “should I take a multivitamin?” Maybe that day comes after a personal health scare (the vast majority of people are motivated to make life-enhancing changes after a brush with their own mortality). Or maybe you are motivated to stay healthy so you can keep up with your kids? Or maybe that day comes when you vow that this will finally be the year to do something about your expanding waistline. Or perhaps you read about the recent study published by the National Institute of Health that showed cells of multivitamins users age more slowly than non-vitamin-users? Whatever your motivation, one of the best choices you can make to improve your health is to include a quality multivitamin supplement along with your meals. The next question is, Which one?

Why do I Need a Multivitamin and Omega 3 fish oil?

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health. However, getting all the nutrients you need from diet alone is very difficult. Because of our food choices and the quality of food readily available to most people, The Journal of the American Medical Association and Harvard University both recommend taking a multivitamin for preventative health. Additionally, the USDA's Dietary Guidelines Committee also says we don't get enough Omega 3s in our diet alone, and the American Heart Association recommends Omega 3s for heart health. While we definitely believe food is the best source of nutrients and that no supplement is a "magic bullet" nor a replacement for a healthy lifestyle and diet, we also know that:

  1. Most Americans eat poor quality diets: The USDA Healthy Eating Index gave US adults a FAILING 58/100 grade on the quality of our diets.  We eat far too much fast or highly processed foods loaded with artificial flavors and colors and obesity-linked high fructose corn syrup.  We also don't eat enough veggies and 70% of us are Omega 3 deficient, as well as 77% have sub-optimal Vitamin D3 levels.

  2. Most of our food is factory farmed in ways that depletes its nutritional value: The sad truth is that factory farming methods have dramatically depleted our soil by reducing the mineral and microorganism content of our soil. As a report from the  Nutrition Security Institute says, "Foods grown on soils depleted of minerals do not contain the minerals needed to maintain human health.  Recent studies that compared the mineral content of soils today with soils from 100 years ago found that agricultural soils in the United States have been depleted of up to 85% of their minerals."  What this means is that some mineral nutrients in many crops, such as spinach, tomatoes, and cabbage, have plummeted by up to 85%.  As a result, to get the same amount of those nutrients, you have to eat 4X the normal serving size to get the missing nutrients you need.    Additionally, factory farmed beef is also less healthy because it is not grass-fed and has a poor omega 3 : omega 6 ratio in its meat.  Fish too is often problematic because virtually all larger fish have some heavy metals contamination and farmed fish also often comes loaded with other pollutants as well.   As a result, since almost no one eats 4 servings of dark leafy greens/day and only wild meats,  it is estimated by the USDA that less than 1% of Americans regularly get their daily optimal nutrients from diet alone.  The result?  You are probably not getting all the nutrients you need to stay healthy, lean, young, and active.

So, we agree with JAMA, Harvard, the AHA, and the USDA in looking at supplements as an excellent way to round out a healthy diet + lifestyle to ensure we can all be as healthy as possible for as long as possible. SmartyPants are designed to help fill gaps in your diet by providing super-pure, natural forms of key nutrients in delicious gummy vitamins made with organic ingredients.

Choosing the Best Multivitamin + Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplement for You

After we created our popular kids gummy vitamin, we found ourselves wanting to take our gummies, AND we got so many requests from parents asking if we had a gummy vitamin for adults, we decided to make SmartyPants for Adults.
So we set out to make the best-tasting, most nutritious natural gummy vitamins focused on what adults really need without any of the junk in other products out there. We wanted to make it easier for people to stay healthy by replacing all those bottles with one single serving product to cover the bases. Because our gummy vitamins were designed with with busy, quality-oriented adults like ourselves in mind, we only used the highest quality natural, Organic, and sustainable ingredients combined with the best nutritional science available because what goes into your vitamins really does matter. Our doctor-formulated gummy vitamins focus on getting adults the nutrients that are hard to get from diet alone, especially vitamin D3, Omega 3 Fish Oil, and B vitamins.
We made lots of choices along the way that we believe really make SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins for Adults unique:

  • Tasty, Unique All-in-One "Gumdrop" Gummy Vitamin formulation: SmartyPants are the ONLY adult gummy vitamins to combine a complete multivitamin + excellent source of Omega 3 fish oil +  225% RDI of vitamin D3. These little treats come in yummy orange, lemon, and strawberry-banana flavors. One major benefit of choosing our all-in-one adult gummy vitamins as the source of your essential supplemental nutrients is taste. Many people simply cannot stomach the taste of a chalky horse-pill or fish-burp gel caps day after day. SmartyPants adult gummy vitamins actually change the way you feel about taking your vitamins – it turns vitamin time into a once a day treat with only 50 calories per serving! (Plus, SmartyPants gummies might just give you more nutrients per calorie than anything else you are likely to eat!)

  • Ultra-Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil: SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins for adults make it easy to ensure you get all the Omega 3 fish oil benefits you need. 70% of Americans are considered to be Omega 3 deficient.  Studies of Omega 3 fish oil benefits have focused on how fish oil benefits heart, blood pressure, eye health, and brain health.* All the omega 3 fish oil benefits in SmartyPants gummy vitamins come from sustainable small fish sources made into an ultra-pure small fish oil, processed using only a patented cold-vacuum filtration. Using small fish addresses the risk of environmental toxins such as mercury and PCB's found in larger fish like tuna and salmon. Also our process prevents exposure of the fish oil to oxygen. Oxygen exposure can turn the oil rancid, nullifying any fish oil benefits and putting extra burden on body to remove the rancid oil. In other words, SmartyPants offers you fresh ultra-premium grade fish oil with no heavy metals in tasty, healthy gummy vitamins.

  • Over 225% RDI of Vitamin D3:Vitamin D3 helps regulate nearly 10% of all genes in your body, including your brain and all major organs.  This is probably why low levels of vitamin D3 have been linked to brain and mood health, bone health, cognitive performance, and immunity.*  An estimated 77% of Americans have a vitamin D deficiency.  At SmartyPants, we use vitamin D3, the natural and most bio-available form of vitamin D, in our gummy vitamins and the one most recommended by doctors.  Read more about the problems of vitamin D3 deficiencies and the health benefits of Vitamin D.

  • Natural Full Multivitamin: Our multivitamin includes 10 nutrients that are hard-to-get from diet alone, including folic acid, choline, zinc, and vitamin B12, "the energy vitamin". Since we made these gummies with ourselves in mind, we wanted to make sure we all get the best of what we need. So we only use the highest quality ingredients and never cut corners to save money at the expense of our health. For example, almost all other gummy vitamins available use a cheaper, synthetic form of vitamin B12 called cyanocabalamin that, when metabolized, leaves behind traces of cyanide(!) in your body. We don't want anyone to be exposed to any cyanide so we use the natural, doctor-preferred more bio-available form of B12, methylcobalamin, in our adult gummy vitamins. It costs more, but we think it is worth it to keep cyanide out of our bodies, don't you?

  • Natural Colors + Flavors, Organic Ingredients: Another consideration when choosing adult gummy vitamins is quality. Many adult gummy vitamins contain artificial dyes and artificial colors, both of which have been linked by researchers to ADHD and have been banned entirely from foods marketed to children in England. Since we don't want to expose our anyone artificial toxins, we use only natural flavors and colors. At SmartyPants, we decided when creating our adult gummy vitamins that we would use only the highest quality ingredients, both for nutrients and for non-essential ingredients like flavor and color. That’s why we only use organic cane sugar and organic tapioca and colors derived from natural sources. Our adult gummy vitamins cost a little more, it’s true, but you find that quality reflected in every bite you take.

  • NO High Fructose Corn Syrup! Although almost all gummy vitamins on the market today use High Fructose Corn Syrup, non-organic sweeteners, or other fake or highly processed sweeteners, we only use Organic Cane Sugar and Organic tapioca. Studies show your body CAN tell the difference between organic cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Although our cane sugar costs more, our sweeteners are NOT loaded with GMO's or heavily linked to obesity like High Fructose Corn Syrup. (Did you know that some GMO corn, the primary ingredient in HFCS, is considered a pesticide and has been shown to cause organ damage because it is so toxic?) Also, our doctors said they preferred we use organic cane sugar instead of other sweeteners because science understands how cane sugar is metabolized much better and because the cane sugar can also aid in the absorption of the nutrients in our gummy vitamins. (Note: while we do use organic cane sugar in our gummy vitamins, we definitely believe that intake of any sweeteners, especially High Fructose Corn Syrup, should be limited. A serving of SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins for Adults only has 7.5g of sugar which is 66% LESS sugar than in a glass of apple juice. )

  • Eco-Friendly: We use only the most pure Omega 3 fish oil available in our adult gummy vitamins. Our fish oil benefits you and the environment. The Omega 3 fish oil benefits provided by SmartyPants do not come at the expense of the environment for two very important reasons. First, the fish oil harvested for SmartyPants Gummies for Adults is from small sustainable fish (sardines and anchovies), ensuring you are doing your part to help save the oceans while providing the best quality fish oil benefits for yourself. Also, the small fish harvested to make our natural gummy vitamins are low on the food chain, and do not carry the same mercury, PCB's, and other contaminants risk that fish further up the food chain, like tuna or salmon, do. What’s more, each batch of eco-friendly fish oil that goes into these great tasting omega-3 supplements is cold filter vacuum processed to remove any existing contaminants, ensuring only the purest fish oil goes into our premium grade gummy vitamins. Almost all other Omega 3 fish oil supplements use unsustainable tuna or salmon fish oil which is not good for the oceans and can have risk of toxins for you. Our fish oil benefits both you and the planet!

  • Get Health, Give Health: We also believe in giving back. So, for each bottle of SmartyPants Gummy Vitamins for Adults you buy, we make a matching 1-for-1 nutrient grant donation to a child in need. We believe good nutrition is a right for every child. You can read more about our Mission to help all children be healthy.

SmartyPants Adult Gummies provide so many benefits all in one great tasting place. So if you are one of the many who have decided to take daily steps to produce lasting improvements in your health, we hope you will consider our adult gummy vitamins to help you on your journey. Not only are they a great and environmentally friendly way to get your omega 3 fish oil benefits, but they also deliver a powerful combination of vitamins that can improve your energy levels, regulate your mood and raise your body’s natural immunity.*